Magnificent Trakai Island Castle in Lithuania

Situated only 45 minutes bus ride from Vilnius, Lithuania, Trakai Island Castle is a perfect day trip.  The morning of June 29th, I escorted my tour participants to the Central bus stop in Vilnius, a 15 minute walk from our Airbnb for the short ride to Trakai.  The buses run every 10-20 minutes per day to Trakai and cost about 2 Euro each way.

The bus lets you off about 2 km away from Trakai Castle, so I was glad we arrived early enough to walk to the Castle before it opened at 10:00am.  Having seen photos of the Castle, I was so excited when it finally came into view.  It’s like a fairy book castle!


The first phase of the Castle was built-in the 14th Century and had great military strategic importance.

Beyond the gate is a spacious courtyard.  Once inside, we agreed to meet back in an hour and went off exploring on our own.


The drawbridge is massive!  Those are people standing beyond the door…


It’s set up like a museum now, with lots of artifacts and exhibits from the Castle’s history.


As you can see, the weather gods were shining on us yet again!


I just had to pose in the guillotine type structure.  It was heavy!  That’s my purse hanging down on the right.


Uzutrakis Palace is off to the left of Trakai Palace…


Here are my tour participants, Paul and Jing…



After our explorations, we had lunch at one of the outdoor cafes bordering the lake with a view of the castle!

13 thoughts on “Magnificent Trakai Island Castle in Lithuania

  1. My hometown and my favourite place on Earth ❤ I’m really happy you enjoyed the visit! You should visit it during the winter time as well, the lakes are all frozen if it’s cold enough and you can go ice-skating just like that 🙂 It’s like a winter wonderland.


  2. What a great place! You were lucky, btw, it wasn’t in the olden times with iy in that block. In those times people would have pelted you with lots of nasty things, faeces among them, if I’m informed correctly! 😉
    Btw, we were talking of Rothenburg lately. In their Criminal Museum they have quite a few of those gadgets that were used for punishment. People were quite inventive on those times. 😉
    Habe a wonderful week,

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