Halloween Party

I went to a Halloween party last night. It was at a couple’s home located 30 minutes from my home in a suburb of Cincinnati. Their costumes were quite creative.

I only stayed a couple of hours. People were still arriving when I left. I’m not into large gatherings anymore and am not close to any of these people. I used to live near this area of town and it actually made me sad driving through it. I began missing my son and husband and the life I used to have.

Their home and landscaping is beautiful.

The fire was so hot you couldn’t sit by it. More creative costumes…

I wasn’t going to attend but changed my mind the day of. I’m making more of an effort to get out and do things.

6 thoughts on “Halloween Party

  1. It can be quite a head trip to drive past places where you used to spend time. The association between places and events never seems to let go. Most times the memories are bittersweet, but we still wouldn’t want to give up the space they take up in the back of our brain. I think you did right to get out to a party. Looks like a good time.

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  2. It was good to see you Sherry. I’m sorry being in that part of town brought back memories and sadness. It’s understandable. Try to focus on all the sweet memories you made with your family.

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