Another week in Sherry’s life

My past week has included getting together with my good friend for a drink at my place and then dinner out. We ended up going to a Mexican food place, although I’ve had my fill since I just got back from a month in Mexico.

Met a couple of new dates. Went walking along the Ohio River in the Licking Riverside Historic district in Covington with the first one. Had a second date with him, but we’re not a match.

Dinner, drinks and billiards with another gentleman. He lives 2 1/2 hours away though.

Led a three and a half mile hike in Devou Park.

I purchased a bird feeder, the darn red bellied woodpecker was a pig and got seed all over the ground. I’m hoping the squirrels won’t get up into the feeder, but it’s hanging from a light cord so maybe not. One has been on the ground eating leftovers.

I have a dentist and hair appointment today. Yesterday was a difficult day for me, it seems that when I don’t have enough to do or something to focus on, I become sad and apathetic and think too much about my late son and husband. I always feel better though, that’s the thing about life, you just need to give it some time. I hope everyone has a great weekend and enjoys Saint Patty’s Day!

2 thoughts on “Another week in Sherry’s life

  1. You look both happy, being back home, and lovely as usual. I suspect that the Mexican food mentioned wasn’t as good as the authentic cuisine enjoyed while on vacation, as my brother (who lives in Scottsdale, AZ) commonly notes when visiting the midwest. And, never doubt the ingenuity of squirrels seeking seed. My father had many bird feeders over the years, and generally referred to squirrels as “the bane of my existence!”, haha. Have a nice day & best wishes, dear Sherry. 🌺😇

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