My week so far

So far this week I’ve been biking from my place in Ludlow, Kentucky across the Roebling Bridge to Washington Park in Over the Rhine, Cincinnati, then across the purple people bridge into Newport, Kentucky and back home.

I’ve also been on two hikes, a 3.5 mile which I led at Devou Park, and the other one at Spring Grove Cemetery which was 4.5 miles. The weather has been glorious!

It feels good to stay in shape! I’m going for another bike ride tomorrow, 26 mi. My pool opens on Saturday, summer is just about here.

8 thoughts on “My week so far

  1. Great bike, Sherry! Looks like an electric one. What make is it?
    I got myself an electtic one earlier this year, but I still need to get into my stride of riding a bike again.

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