A Few Iconic Landmarks in Cincinnati

Cincinnati’s Music Hall has quite the history!  Completed in 1878, its reputation as one of America’s most haunted buildings comes as no surprise to many, given that it was built on top of a pauper’s cemetery.  I’m intrigued now and would love to take a tour in the middle of the night!

When I took the photograph on Saturday, it was quite cold and I’m sure I appeared a little crazy lying on the ground trying to capture the look I wanted…


Cincinnati Music Hall is located in an area of Cincinnati called Over the Rhine and across the street you’ll find these beautiful Italianate Architecture style homes…


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Solo Cruise with Carnival

In 2007, when I still had brown hair, I went on my 3rd cruise, but my first solo cruise for a week and visited Belize, Roatan Island, Honduras, Grand Cayman Island and Cozumel, Mexico.  I booked it last minute (about two weeks in advance), so instead of paying double…it only cost a third more for the single supplement.  I met a group of guys/girls from New Mexico, a lady from somewhere…can’t remember where now…and a college student and her parents.  I ended up hanging with the college student a lot of the time.

This is a photo of them…

I’ve always fit in with younger people…they have lots of energy like me.  It was fun fixing her up with guys…there was a cute Brazilian guy that I introduced her to.  I was married at the time, so only “looking” allowed for me.  One night after a few drinks I got the idea for us to push each other on a luggage rack through the hallways at 2am…followed by turning the signs around on people’s doors…if they had it positioned to say, “Do Not Disturb”, we switched it to “Please Clean My Room” and vice versa…I know…pretty immature…but it was fun! Continue reading