Shedding Possessions


“Asceticism is not that you should not own anything, but that nothing should own you.” –Ali ibn Abi Talib

During the past six weeks, I’ve been on a quest to simplify my life and minimize my possessions.  I would prefer to collect experiences, not things!  Having gone through every room, closet and drawer, I’ve managed to eliminate things I seldom/never use, and have donated, sold, given away to friends or trashed these possessions.  This includes paperwork, files, e-mails, online documents, etc.  After sorting through three large bins of photo albums, I was able to condense them into one.  Cloud storage is a new concept for me and sites like Dropbox, have enabled me to store important documents, such as tax returns, college transcripts, etc.

Another cool website I’m using is LastPass.  The challenge of managing 50 + passwords/usernames is solved with one password.  It feels great to be organized!


As the layers are shed, what is important to me remains!

2 thoughts on “Shedding Possessions

  1. Sherry,
    Thanks for your good story. I need to sort through my closets and get rid of stuff. I will never be an ascetic, but could benefit from being better organized. Cloud storage sounds smart.
    – – – Dave


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