WordPress Weekly Photograph Challenge: Love

The Theme for this week’s WordPress Photograph Challenge is Love!  We know love comes in all forms.

The love of a mother and child (my son and I)…


Malawi, Africa – 2012


The love for an animal/pet

My cousin and his horse…


The love of your lover.

This was taken in Columbus, Ohio on my annual girls’ weekend in 2012.  He had just proposed to her.


We all need it, want it and deserve it!


27 thoughts on “WordPress Weekly Photograph Challenge: Love

  1. I was wondering if I could use your picture of the word love spelled out with you and your girlfriend’s fingers sometime on my blog. Do you allow that? With credits of course! If you do great, if not, that’s quite alright. 😉


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  3. Fantastic gallery – again.
    Good-looking mum with her handsome son – great photo.
    Man and horse is full of trust and love.
    My pick is the last one … I guess it’s you and your husband.


  4. Hi Sherry, I love this blog on LOVE because I love to love & love to be loved! My favorite photo is the couple who just got engaged (Columbus, Ohio)….such a romantic picture. Have a Wonderful weekend. Love, Sherry P.S. I Love You!


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