Interesting and Sexy (some) People of Italy, Spain, France and Croatia

Continuing with my series on people around the world, I found the people of Italy, Spain, France, and Croatia to be very interesting and many of them…sexy!

For example, these Italian men in Venice…especially the one on the right…Mama Mia!


This fashionable momma in Cannes, France


How interesting is this man from Dubrovnik, Croatia?


This rugged farmer in Dubrovnik is….sexy!


I love the open, fun, yet mischievous smile of this man in Croatia!


How much sexier can a woman get?Ā  A “real-life” flamenco dancer in Madrid, Spain!


These puppeteer in Madrid look very interesting!


Finally, these barbers in Croatia.Ā  What stories they could tell us!


I try to be open to meeting new people and being kind!Ā  Life is so much fun when you live like that!!

16 thoughts on “Interesting and Sexy (some) People of Italy, Spain, France and Croatia

  1. I love the fashion mama!!! Wow, I was a high heel wearer before I had my kids. Once they were born, it took me a couple years to get back into them!!! I was paranoid of falling, teetering and not to mention comfort was first on my mind! This woman looks like she could run a marathon in heels!!! Or she is a secret spy in a movie- and that’s Sean Connery in disguise in the carriage;)


  2. Sherry, Great blog & pictures! My favorite is the beautiful mom in Cannes with her baby….I love that the baby took his shoe off & is trying to hand it to his mom but she is too busy on her phone…priceless!


  3. You always look so happy in your posts — I love how YOUR interest and open-heartedness brings out the best in the people you photograph!!! Thanks for sharing & I love that young mama in Cannes — dazzling!!


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