Industrious People of SE Asia

During my 18 day visit to SE Asia in 2009, I found the people there to be very industrious!  When I took this photo in Hanoi, Vietnam, I didn’t know the bicycle driver was looking at me with a friendly smile.  There was so much energy and movement…always something to look at!


In Bangkok, Thailand, I stumbled upon some type of political rally…hence the police.  I asked before taking this photo….


The look in this woman’s eyes tells me she has been through a lot and is in some type of pain.

Photo taken in Laos.


From my vantage point on this elephant, I’m able to take a photo of the handler…


In preparation for a half-day Thai cooking glass, this happy guy took me shopping for fresh ingredients…


Dreads are cool…


Daily life in Laos…


Having your tarot cards read is an interesting experience…


Perhaps you’ll agree with me…people from SE Asia are quite industrious!

22 thoughts on “Industrious People of SE Asia

  1. Yes, they are a very hard working and friendly people. There was also a protest of some sort going on in Bangkok, both times we were there. Maybe it’s an everyday occurrence. 😀 Love your photos, Sherry, especially that dear elderly lady in Laos.


  2. How I loved Laos! And the Thai photo on an elephant made me think of my “Mahout for a Day” trip in Chiang Mai where I bonded with an elephant for a whole day. Best experience ever. Thank you for bringing me beautiful memories.


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