Adorable People of Peru

The People of Peru were so cute and adorable!  I loved the colorful clothing and most of them had smiles on their faces.

Lima, Peru – 2009


Although many areas I traveled through for the three weeks while visiting Peru were developing and the people poor in possession, they seemed rich in landscape, family, spirituality and attitude!


I stayed one night with this man, his wife and daughter in their home on an Island in Lake Titicaca.


His wife made the best pancakes!


Peru was so colorful!



Love her smile and hair pom poms!


Chicken anyone?


I love diversity…it’s what makes the world go round!!  If you haven’t been to Peru…I hope you’re able to visit the adorable people of Peru!

17 thoughts on “Adorable People of Peru

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  2. I love how all the women wear their hair in plaits. Must have been an amazing experience staying on the floating reed islands. I went to Lake Titicaca too but saw it from the Bolivian side at Copacabana, the waters were surprisingly rough!


  3. Beautiful pictures!!!
    Just to be ‘politically correct’, though, their clothing is traditional Peruvian garb, not a costume!
    But it’s so cool you got to take such a neat trip, getting culturally diversified is good for people 🙂


  4. Love the color and the happy people in your post. I especially like your quote ” poor in possession, they seemed rich in landscape, family, spirituality and attitude” There is nothing more valuable than spirituality, family and attitude.



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