Free Music through Freegal

Recently I discovered Freegal Music, an online site offering free music through your library.  I love anything free!  I’ve been downloading free book rentals from the library to my Kindle for a while.  Anyway, you just log into your library online with your card number and pin…and if your particular library offers the service, it will be listed on their website.  Once you’re in the site and you’ve clicked on a song to download, it will go directly to your iTunes account.  My library allows three downloads per week and the week starts over on Monday.  So…tomorrow I get three more.  They don’t offer all of the songs I’d like yet…for example…Bruno Mars “When I was your Man”; Ed Sheeran “The A Team”, The Civil Wars “Billie Jean”, or Red Hot Chili Peppers “Scar Tissue”.  They add songs frequently, so I’ll check back soon on those.

Today I downloaded Sara Bareilles “Love Song”, Ella James “At Last”, and Wild Belle “Keep You”.  I have over 3360 songs so far on my iTunes.  My iPod is almost full, so eventually I’d like to purchase one that has a larger capacity.

I like most genres of music except rap and some country.  I lean towards soft rock, R&B, some pop, etc.  I love Adele, but who doesn’t?  I went out dancing Friday night with girlfriends and had a great time!  It’s great exercise also!

I can’t remember if I posted this photo recently, but I think it’s the only one of me dancing.  I was in Lisbon, Portugal


If you can dance to accordion music, you can dance to anything!


23 thoughts on “Free Music through Freegal

  1. I’m pretty sure you can dance to anything. I still don’t have a Kindle or an Ipod for that matter. I download books and music to my MAC at this point. Do you listen to Katrina Parker at all? She has a lot of Adele qualities but a bit edgier. The similarities to Adele is a double edge sword. Fabulous voice but she gets compared to her too much. Anyway, try her…you will like her.


  2. you are pretty wide open to music, except the some country! but i see you like the civil wars! thry are awesome!!
    you look good and having a ball in that picture !!


  3. Love Bruno–what album of his is your fav? I am thinking of springing for a CD…I hope he lives a long time…yet somehow I think he may have a fatal attraction to demise…hope not, just a feeling from the look on his face.


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