A Word A Week Challenge – Hats

As you can easily surmise from looking at these photos…I love hats!  This is the challenge at A Word in Your Ear!  I didn’t really feel comfortable wearing hats when I was younger.  I was a bit shy and felt it brought more attention to myself.  Being almost 6 foot tall demanded enough attention as it was.  As I’ve aged and become more comfortable in my skin…I realize hats are fun and they protect your face from the sun!


I was a still a teenager when this photo was taken of me in the U.S. Army back in the late 70’s!


Trying on hats…


The thick clouds suddenly moved in while hiking up the India Vestner trail on Table Mountain in Cape Town, Africa.


My Grandfather, who lived to be 100 and passed away in 2004, is pictured here in the center.  He was an accomplished violinist!  Cute hats!


This band in Madrid had some big hats!


Hope your weekend was great!

26 thoughts on “A Word A Week Challenge – Hats

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  2. Good to find another Mad Hatter out amongst the life-long hat wearers…coincidentally a similar post is in the works. Love the team spirit of hat wearing, or should I say “cap wearing”, worn by your grandfather’s Shriner’s band!


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