Stormy Weather at the Cabana

Last night the sky was filled with swirling masses of swollen colorful clouds waiting to release their rain.  I couldn’t stop taking photographs.  We went to a place on the Ohio River called the Cabana on the River.  I love venues with live music located on the river.  Although it was an hour drive, I enjoyed talking with friends, taking lots of photos,  and dancing to one of my favorite local bands…Danny Frazier Band!


This bartender is a cutie…


The sky unleashed a few times.  We had a table outside and luckily were on a wait list for a table inside because just as it started to rain our buzzer went off.


We arrived around 7pm to have a bite to eat before the band started at 8pm and I was surprised at how many families with children were there.


As we waited to see if the band would be able to play because of the weather, I took advantage of admiring the beautiful sunset!



I noticed this little flag taped to the fence…


The artificial palm trees were quite pretty against the night sky…


The band was finally able to start playing close to 10pm.  There’s my friend Cindy watching them…


I had a nice surprise right before leaving.  My cousin Kim and her husband Mike came up to me as we were preparing to leave.  I rarely see them because they have eight children…yes…that’s not a typo!


Tonight will be another fun evening…my friends Sherry, Jim and Cindy are coming over for dinner!  Hope you have a fantastic weekend!!

30 thoughts on “Stormy Weather at the Cabana

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  2. After rain always sunshine comes … my grandpa always said. Great colorful photos and a great colorful evening in the end .. my favorite photos is the one after the rain .. on the patio.


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