70 is the new 60!

We’ve all heard that expression, 50 is the new 40, 40 is the new 30, etc., well my Aunt Colleen shows that 70 can be the new 60!  I attended her birthday party Saturday evening and my present to her was an enlarged photo of a small scanned photo of my late mother when she was in her 20’s.  When my mother passed away a couple of years ago, I remember my Aunt expressing an interest in this particular photo.  I asked that she open my gift first because I had another party to go to.  This photo is a little blurry, but there wasn’t another one of us.  I know it touched her because I took a couple of photos of her while she was opening it and it looked like she was going to cry.  Anyway, the party was so much fun.  It was held at my Cousin’s friend’s house, which was amazing and I’ll post photos of the house tomorrow.


This is my Cousin’s wife Courtne with two of their children and my other Cousin’s daughter…


The outdoor patio and pool were spectacular!  Here’s my Cousin Kim bringing the cake.  It was a surprise, so we had about 45 minutes before my Aunt along with her sister, my other Aunt and Uncle arrived.  Kim has 8 children, so with all of the other children there were about 18 children.  They outnumbered the adults!


Here are two of the cuties…


Here’s a photo of the Moms (except Courtne), myself, and the girls…


This is my Cousin Steve with a beautiful view of the Ohio River in the background…


Love the look on my Aunts faces after we yelled “surprise” from the deck…


There was a full bar, butler style hors d’oeuvres, and dinner…


My teenage second cousins are beautiful!  Meredith–on the left wants me to take her high school graduation pictures.  I’m so excited!


I love this photo of my Cousin Chris and his family…


We didn’t get a complete family shot, but here are some of them.  My brother and his wife are in the back on the left.


Here’s my handsome cousin Joseph.  He’s half Italian.


I hadn’t seen most of my Cousins for a couple of years, so it was great to be included.  When my Mother was alive, I had an occasional family reunion or birthday party for my mother and would see them then.  Or if there was a funeral or wedding.  People are so busy when their children are involved in sports and other social activities, it makes it difficult to find time.  Family is special!

19 thoughts on “70 is the new 60!

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  2. This family gathering was such a special shared post with us! We felt invited and included, (I did, at least! smile!) I loved the look on the aunts’ faces as they heard the word, “Surprise!” Great moments to remember and cherish. Your gift is very special due to being of one that your Aunt admired and loved. When Mom had her “50th” anniversary without Dad, she showed us the 6 years worth of cards since he died around their 44th. I am not sure if you ever saw that I wrote somewhere in my posts, that Dad had included cards for each special occasion and holiday from their 44th on, all tied up in a bundle and found in his sock drawer. We shared family photos, my cousins, brothers, kids, sister in law with our aunt, uncle and Mom as the guest of honor. By copying photos and passing them around, we had fun along with hearing the Golden Anniversary card message my Dad wrote to my Mom. She waited 6 yrs. to open it, it was the last in her stack… We had ours at a hotel dining room, it was not homey but fit us all together in lovely surroundings and delicious food, too.


  3. What a beautiful lady … 70th years old. She are stunning … what a reunion you had!!!! Loads of children … wonderful.
    Beautiful photos of your BIG family. Beautiful pictures of all ages.


  4. What an attractive family! And, you folks definitely look like you had fun! It reminds me of my own family gatherings years ago – before my grandmother’s estate tore up everyone. I hope that doesn’t happen to you folks. Old family photos, however, are a precious keepsake. Sometimes, they mean everything in the world.


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