The Party Place

Yesterday’s post was about my Aunt Colleen’s 70th birthday and I promised I would put up photos from the house it was held at in Cincinnati, Ohio (aka “The Party Place”).  It’s such an eclectic house, I just had to share it!

Here’s a portion of the kitchen and their fake butler…


The living room has a comfy retro decor with bright colors.  Notice the Siamese cat on the sofa…


The entry way butler is serving a cat on a platter to you.  This butler looks a bit snooty…


Here’s a view from the second floor…


Their Siamese cat was enjoying himself…


I loved the small details like a huge bag of fake M & M’s!


The pseudo basement had some interesting characters…


The patio/deck was everyone’s favorite.  This view of the Ohio River is breathtaking!


The pool looked inviting and they have a hot tub that’s off to the side…


What a party place!

20 thoughts on “The Party Place

  1. Hi again Sherry! As you say, the perfect party place, looks incredible, especially the views from the patio! Just wanted to say thanks so much for the follow, you are my follower number 101! I thought that was great and just wanted to share…we should have a party to celebrate, and I know just the place…:-)


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