Declutter your life!

If you’re like most people, you probably put off organizing your home — your closets, your drawers, your garage, etc.  I’d like to encourage you to start this weekend.  It may be overwhelming and you don’t know where to begin.  I say, start with one closet, or one drawer.  When you organize your home, your mind becomes uncluttered and you make room for new and exciting opportunities to come in!  I usually need to tackle my clothing closet at least twice a year and in the last week, I’ve gone through my junk drawer and my office closet.

These photos aren’t related to the post…but I wanted to share them with you.  They’re somewhat abstract…


Cleaning up your online existence is even more therapeutic!  If you’re like me, your e-mails start to build up.  You’ll keep e-mails thinking you’ll read them later, and before you know it, you’ve got 100 of them!  I also keep folders of important e-mails, so that’s another area to keep in line.  Don’t forget about organizing your bookmarks.  If you’re a photographer, your photographs begin to accumulate and you literally will have thousands and thousands.  It took me a couple of days to whittle mine down!


I was going to delete this photo, but I changed the color, contrast, exposure, and voila…I like it now!


A friend is going to pay me next week to help her organize.  I’ve helped her a lot through the years at no cost, but it’s time for me to make some $!  Don’t procrastinate any longer…take control of your life!

25 thoughts on “Declutter your life!

  1. Funny!! I read this now that I have to pack everything again … what I was thinking was that I´ve lived 10 months with just my kitchen, bathroom and clothes unpacked and the rest of my belongings are still in the boxes I brought when I moved in, untouched. And even if I´ve missed an item or two, I lived without all that stuff what made me wonder if I really need it …


    • I have a girlfriend like that…but she still wants her stuff to be unpacked…when she can find time…although she’s lived with it boxed for almost a year also. It makes some people feel secure I think. Not me. I feel heavy when I have a lot of stuff.


  2. Great photos … my favorite pick is the last one .. but all three are brilliant. They say that we should move every 5th year so we can declutter your lives properly – I’m so bad … very organized, but have problems to say good bye to my clothes and shoes … Still I think I have control over my life. Good luck to you, girls .. have a great weekend.


      • … I can’t say I wear those clothes on a regular basic .. but once in a while … it goes is waves!
        Have too much of everything really.
        It’s a wonderful photo … love the colors and the pattern.


  3. Uhg! This little apartment is just a way point for us, but we are so crowded in here it’s an organizational fail! We believe ‘a place for everything, and everything in it’s place’. The old cliche’ is true!


  4. Terrific post. I have been feeling overwhelmed and I know it is because I need to DE clutter. It is difficult to focus on new things when there is too much clutter in my office. Thanks for this post. It was like it was written for me. 🙂 I also get bogged down with emails. Time to clean up! Happy Friday.


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