Hiking the Rock Shelter Loop Trail

I love hiking and so do my girlfriends, so on our recent girls’ weekend, we went hiking on the Rock Shelter Loop Trail in Morgan Monroe State Forest, Indiana.  I had researched hiking trails in the area, and this trail seemed to be a good choice.  The trail was only supposed to be 20 minutes away from our Vacation Rental by Owner (VRBO), but getting lost on those back country roads made it seem much farther.  We couldn’t find the trail head once we were in the State Forest, but luckily I had the phone number for Morgan Monroe State Forest with me, so we called its location.  We weren’t going crazy…there was no sign for it.  The large sign said Low Gap Trail and then once you park and start that trail, there is a small sign (see below) indicating that the Rock Shelter Loop Trail is part of that trail.

Anyway, it was supposed to be a three-mile hike, but ended up being four miles.  I took a photograph of this leaf that was on a slick rocky portion of the trail.  The sunlight was illuminating it…


It was so slippery on this portion that three of us fell.  Cindy fell and unfortunately her camera lenses cover popped off (which we couldn’t find) and scratched her camera.


This looks like two trees coming together, but the limb on the right is one of those Tarzan vines.


Here’s the Rock Shelter…


There were a few other hikers there, so they were kind enough to take our photo…


We had a good time even with the mishaps.  We drove back to the VRBO after the hike, took showers, had lunch and drove 20 minutes to the Oliver Winery.  It’s Indiana’s largest and oldest winery.  Join me tomorrow for some beautiful scenery!

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