Jimmy G’s Private Underground After Party

CSO Encore hosted a private underground after party at the exclusive Jimmy G’s restaurant following Colin Currie‘s performance with the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra Saturday evening and I was there taking photographs for iSPYCINCY!

As usual, my mission was to take a set number of photographs featuring attendees and the event atmosphere.  Members of the Cincinnati Ballet were there showing us how it’s done…Salsa style!


I experimented with the various pre-set lighting filters in Lightroom 5…


They were filled with joy and enthusiasm!  Such energy!


I shot about 30 posed shots of people and took advantage of some of the interesting backgrounds…


Here’s Colin Currie on the left…


Everyone was so accommodating when I’d request their photo and would even move to another area for the shot.  The hallway’s papered walls go nicely with this couples’ outfits…


Guests arriving…


I’m in a purple haze in the bar area…


Love Tracey’s dress…


I photographed these two beautiful young women (members of the ballet) recently at the Prohibition Party!


What a fun job…the General Manager even gave me a glass of wine when I arrived!

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4 thoughts on “Jimmy G’s Private Underground After Party

  1. You have become an renowned event photographer – don’t know much about Colin Currie he is a Scottish. You’re doing so well .. and great results too – wonderful.


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