Cincy Winter Blues Fest…we’re singin’ the Blues

Saturday evening’s Cincy Winter Blues Fest in Downtown Cincinnati, was held at The Phoenix Hotel, and it was the perfect place!  Built in 1893, the majestic Italian Renaissance architecture, high ceilings and wonderful acoustic qualities, and the soulful music, made it a memorable evening.  Two ballrooms and two smaller rooms featured 16 bands over the course of the evening and as you can see the lighting was superb!


We wandered from room to room, usually standing, to hear the variety of blues bands singin’ the winter blues.  This artist, Janiva Magness, was billed as one of the headliners.  Her “tell it like it is” lyrics and seductive performance, made for an entertaining show.


Across the room, I saw this guy in the crowd.  Who does he remind you of?


Even the ladies’ restroom looked elegant with this wallpaper!


One of my favorite bands is Chuck Brisbin & the Tuna Project.  What a name for a band!  Chuck, the white guy, is really gettin’ down here…


This is part of the Ricky Nye Band.  It was my best photograph, so unfortunately Ricky is left out of it.  Without a tripod and with the low lighting, it was difficult to get really good shots.


We ran into quite a few people we know and really enjoyed it!  We are still singin’ the winter blues here in Cincinnati.  Tonight’s low is zero degrees!

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15 thoughts on “Cincy Winter Blues Fest…we’re singin’ the Blues

  1. Great gallery and job again, what a beautiful place to have a blues event – that wallpaper is amazing … I the guy how he reminds me off???? He reminds me of a Swedish TV personality … but I would say William Petersen from SCI Las Vegas.
    I like some blue .. but not all … but I been to a couple of great blues clubs in Seattle.


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