Let’s go to Prague, Vienna, Bratislava, and Budapest!

Planning a trip for yourself is one thing, but when you’re planning for a group of 12, the importance of a solid travel itinerary is essential!   I’ve spent over 100 hours planning an 11 night trip for May of this year to Prague, Vienna, Bratislava, and Budapest, traveling from City to City via train.  I’m so excited!  I’ve longed to visit Eastern Europe and am giving a presentation to my travel meetup group next week, to see who would like to join me!  After checking how much other travel companies charge for a very similar trip, my group will be very pleased to discover how economical it will be…at almost half the cost.  I plan on staying an extra week to travel to Berlin and Amsterdam and hopefully Couchsurf!

With the weather so cold, its been the perfect time to get all of this planning finished!  I took these photos the other morning…


You can barely see the sun peeking through the pine trees here…


I’ll post the itinerary for everyone when we get closer! xoxoxo


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37 thoughts on “Let’s go to Prague, Vienna, Bratislava, and Budapest!

  1. Lovely photos. If you ever find yourself in the city again I would suggest getting the interactive Prague guide from here http://www.prague.schulz.cz/
    Much nicer than carrying a book around and really comprehensive. Anywhere worth seeing in Prague is listed in that guide.


  2. I found it – straight away. I can join your group ????!!! Have been to most of the cities. Berlin … that is city for me. A truly FAB city and not that expensive. Budapest I haven’t been to, but Prague twice .. stunning city. You will have a fantastic trip and go by train between the cities – you see so much more. I’m sure you’re so busy to get all the details for every stopover and the planning of a trip is the most exciting thing in my book.
    So looking forward to see your reports and photos from this trip.
    Can’t believe how much snow you had over there this season .. and cold to. We had it very dull, warm and depressing this year, but the spring flowers are in bloom now. Stunning photos.


    • Hi Viveka…so sorry for the delay. I’ve been so busy planning these trips! I thought of going to Berlin, but it didn’t work out. We just had another snow storm! I can’t believe you already have flowers…lucky!


      • Yes, the spring has arrived here … but far too early for comfort.
        A pity you don’t make it to Berlin, a fantastic city … so much to see and … and not expensive, like the Nordic cities. I can image how busy with all the plans. If there is anything I can do – let me know …


  3. HI Sherry, I have a number of blog posts about Prague and Budapest, from last July and August if you would like to skim those. If I were in Budapest again, I would try the Syechenzi bath in preference to the Gellaert. I hope you have a fabulous tour with good company.


  4. Can I come please?? We hope to to a trip similar to this but not this year so I look forward to reading all about it when you return 🙂

    Beautiful photos, wish we had snow. Here in the West Country of the UK we continue to be battered with severe flood warnings, high tides and storm surges. Gail force winds and rain as I type this. Some snow would be a wonderful reprieve as at least then we could say we have had a proper winter!


  5. I did a Prague, Vienna and Budapest trip in 1996! OH MY GOSH! 1996!!! That is a long time ago! It was a wonderful trip. I went to Budapest last year. You will love the baths! ENJOY!


  6. We did that exact route last year. We started in Budapest though. From Bratislava to Vienna we took the boat. It was quick and fun (and not much more expensive)! Thinking about it makes me want to go back!!!! You will love it!


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