Starr Family Photos

I had such a good time with my son’s girlfriend’s family today!  They haven’t had family photos taken in years, of all of them, and with Baby Zachary’s arrival a few months ago and little Colin growing up so fast, it was time.  For this photo, I told them to “Strike a pose” and I love how everyone looks so natural!


Here’s my son and his girlfriend–Ashley.  She may look short here…but actually she’s 5’9″ tall…he’s a whopping 6’8″ tall!


We drove a few minutes from our home to a nature preserve for this shot.  The entire family is nice looking, but look at how beautiful Ashley is!


I love this photo of Ashley’s sister, brother-in-law, and nephews!  Colin is such an angel!


We shot guns on our shooting range and sat on the deck to get to know each other…what a nice Sunday!

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