Cinco de Mayo in Cincinnati

Cinco de Mayo is a holiday made for partying and Cincinnati loves to party!  A group of us met at Nada Restaurant in downtown Cincinnati and of course I brought my camera.  I ran into people I’ve photographed for iSPYCiNCY at other events and took their photograph.  I stopped this girl for a photograph and love her expression!


I even ran into my hairdresser…Jocelyn (on the right), who I’ll be seeing before I go on my trip next week!


Everyone congregated on the patio for the party while the DJ kept the music going from a balcony above the group.


Love the costumes!


Later we posed for some photos inside…


We left Nada’s and ended up at a restaurant/bar around the corner.  It used to be called Cadillac Ranch…not sure what its name is now.  They have a mechanical bull, so my friend Gina got up for a photo-op…


And of course, I did too!  Then some people were saying “Ride the Bull” “Ride the Bull”, but I didn’t want to pay to do it, so somebody in the crowd paid.  It was the first time for me and I didn’t stay on long…maybe 7 seconds.  The bull looks scared!


It was a fun night!  Tomorrow night I get to take pics at Party in the Park for iSPYCiNCY.  I was going to go anyway, so nothing like getting paid for going to a party!!

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