Self Guided Walking Tour in Oslo, Norway

After checking into our hotel in Oslo, Norway, following a six-hour train ride from Stockholm, Sweden, my group of three Tour participants and I set off on my self guided walking tour, developed through Google maps, to see some of Trip Advisor’s recommended places to check out.  We were a bit concerned upon checking into the hotel, when we realized a stage was set up 100 yards down the street with bands playing throughout the afternoon and evening.  Even with the windows shut, the room reverberated!  The front desk reassured us they were only scheduled to play until 11pm, so off we went!

One of the most impressive architecture marvels was the Oslo Opera House.  The angled exterior surfaces of the building are covered with Italian marble and white granite and make it appear to rise from the water.  I can’t believe it has 1,100 rooms and the main auditorium seats over 1300 people!


I’m getting ahead of myself…when we left to go walking, the square right down the street where the bands were playing has this unusual creative fountain…


The first place we visited was the Akershus Castle and Fortress.  This guard was making his rounds when we arrived…


and then he stood steady at his post…


The vantage point over the water was gorgeous from the castle area…


 Back down below, walking along the water, we passed this unique glass structure, sitting next to the Oslo Opera House…


The local children were entertained by this giant bubble maker…


I never tire looking at the beautiful boats lining the docks in Scandinavia!


Join me tomorrow as we cruise across the harbor to Bygdøy peninsula for a treasure trove of nautical history!


21 thoughts on “Self Guided Walking Tour in Oslo, Norway

  1. I actually helped to build the Opera (I worked for a short period in construction)…
    The hand fountain is representing that the Danish king Christian IV of Denmark once said: «The city shall be here!» and pointed to the ground.


  2. Great Place… Been a long time since I’ve been there… Starting plans to return next summer! Thanks for sharing the photos…


  3. The opera house is quite spectacular. I wonder what the acoustics are like? Quite the interesting mix of old and new in this area. All that glass in the water and the guard with the stone wall and beautiful red door, are quite the contrast.


  4. Interesting architecture. Hope that glass can withstand storms. I noticed that the guard looks a bit undernourished. Could it be the high prices in those countries? Or maybe guards are underpaid. Certainly underfed, poor fellow.


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