Viking Ship Museum and the Fram Museum in Oslo, Norway

With less than full two days to explore Oslo, Norway, the Viking Ship Museum and Fram Museum located a short 15 minute ferry ride from Oslo to the Bygdoy Peninsula, were definitely on my list of places to see!  This is the Gokstad ship that was found in a burial mound in Norway, dating back to around 890 AD.  It was found with the remains of one male skeleton, believed to be a King from that time frame.


The Oseberg ship was also discovered at a different burial mound in Norway, dating back to approximately 800 AD.  Two women skeletons were recovered, one believed to be a Queen, along with 14 horses, an ox, and three dog skeletons.


A few days prior to visiting this Museum, my Tour participants and I had visited the amazing Vasa Ship Museum in Stockholm.  When I travel, I tend to prefer other types of activities such as bicycling, relaxing at a side-walk Cafe’ while people watching, etc. rather than going to museum after museum, but I found these ship museums to be really interesting!

We walked across the street to see the Fram Museum which tells the story of Norwegian polar exploration, in particular three great Norwegian polar explorers, Fridtjof Nansen, Otto Sverdrup and Roald Amundsen.  The Fram was used for a few expeditions to the Arctic and the South Pole during a period in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s, spanning almost 20 years.  One of the cool things about this ship was you were allowed to go aboard and see how the explorers lived out at sea for years at a time.


We also checked out the Kon-tiki Museum which also proved to be very interesting!  Here’s an exterior view of the Fram Museum…


The Viking Ship Museum and Fram Museum are extra special and shouldn’t be missed if you visit Oslo, Norway

20 thoughts on “Viking Ship Museum and the Fram Museum in Oslo, Norway

  1. I really enjoyed your images and words!

    I liked the Viking Ship Museum during my visit to Oslo in 2006, but never got to the Fram Museum. That’s definitely on the list when we get back there.

    I just shared my first post about my recent visit to the Bergen Maritime Museum — they a have model of The Oseberg ship, and it meant more to me because I’d seen the real one before. Your photos bring that visit back to me very clearly!


  2. It’s amazing some of those ships are over 1100 years old, and I’ve gone through 4 cell phones within the past decade. I love ancient nautical history, regardless of the society, so I really love these photographs, Sherry! Thanks.


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