Frogner Park and Vigeland’s Whimsical Statues in Oslo

The next stop on my travel agenda was Frogner Park in Oslo, Norway to see the whimsical statues created by Gustav Vigeland I’d read about!  It was exactly the kind of place I envisioned with broad spans of green lawn, a beautiful fountain, and quirky statues!  Frogner Park is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Norway with 1 to 2 million visitors per year.  It’s the World’s largest sculpture park made by a single artist.  I endeavored to capture photos without “real” people in them, but it was challenging…



Everyone was naked…I’m not sure why.




She was one of my favorite statues, so I used Lightroom 5 and played around with the contrast, etc. to obtain a different look…


Here’s the fountain…


This is called the Monolith and at 46 ft. high…it lives up to its name.  Composed of 121 human figures rising towards the sky, it’s meant to represent man’s desire to become closer with the spiritual and divine.


Another perspective…


And the complete view…


Frogner Park with its Vigeland Installation of statutes is definitely the most peculiar (in a good way) Park I’ve ever visited!


24 thoughts on “Frogner Park and Vigeland’s Whimsical Statues in Oslo

  1. There is something really intriguing and beautiful about this place. My thoughts are that it is because all the naked people look like normal people. They aren’t all skinny goddesses. People must be able to relate to them on a very emotional level.


  2. I had a photo of the Monolith on Facebook, but they censored it because of the obvious reason that it’s not really representing “man’s desire to become closer with the spiritual and divine” (that’s just something that the tour guides tell the tourists). 🙂


  3. Ah, I’ve always wanted to see Frogner Park… I moved to Norway just 4 months ago, but I’m in Stavanger. I’ll have to head to Oslo sometime soon to see the statues for myself. I think that monolith is just absolutely amazing.


  4. Sherry,
    I was wondering if you would get to Frogner Park since you had limited time in Oslo. It has been following your trip because it matches so many of the places we visited. I have enjoyed your photos, and thanks for linking to several of mine.


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