The Artistic Side of Oslo

I love to find Art everywhere and Oslo, Norway was no exception.  I featured a photograph of this unconventional water fountain located down the street from my Hotel a couple of days ago, but taken from a different angle and turned into black and white, it becomes a piece of Art!


This statue of a part man, part devil, part hoofed creature with his manhood in all of  it’s glory is quite artful!


and you know I love reflections…


The following morning we left our hotel at 5:30am to walk to the train station for what would be a highlight of the entire month-long European journey, a scenic train ride through the mountains of Norway to the even more scenic boat ride through the unbelievably gorgeous Fjords of Norway!  See you tomorrow!

10 thoughts on “The Artistic Side of Oslo

  1. Fantastic photos! I love them all……but my favorite is the first one……I love this photo in black & white! Excellent photos!


    • It’s not riske’ for me…but I live in Cincinnati which is known for being quite conservative. When I first lived in Germany back in the late 70’s, at the tender age of 18, I’ll never forget walking into a swim bath with a girlfriend to the shower area and seeing naked men and women showering together. I would love to live in Europe again!


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