Views from Mount Floyen

The views from Mount Floyen in Bergen, Norway can only be described as Spectacular, Astonishing, breathtaking, stunning, dazzling, and magnificent!  We were blessed with beautiful 75 degree sunny weather in early June and I felt like I was on top of the world!


My Tour participants and I had a short 10 minute walk from our Airbnb to the funicular that takes you to the top of Mount Floyen.  The ride only takes 8 minutes to the top.


The line went quickly and we were on our way up the 425 meter (which equals 1/4th mile) high ascent into the heavens with our one way tickets!  We were walking back down.


After hanging out where the crowds were congregated for a bit, we hiked approximately a mile or two past the Brushytten Cabin through the serene and lush forest above.  My group posed for a photo-op


While  traipsing through the forest, a band of woodland dwellers invaded the area…


We happened upon some trolls that transformed themselves into wood to conceal their true nature and trick us…



Descending from the top, I turned around to take a photo of the thriving and succulent greenery…


One last photo before we merged with the City and her occupants…


Bergen has a piece of my heart now!  Although my month-long European journey had come to an end and I had seen so much, traveling through nine Countries, I was ready to go home.  At times it was quite stressful and exhausting, both mentally and physically!


19 thoughts on “Views from Mount Floyen

  1. WHen in NOrway… seeing as you like picking up people, you should check out the Norwegian movie (Oscar nominated) Elling, there is a great fellow there who shares your passion. Enjoy Europe. xxx


    • I’m back home now. I googled the movie and it looks interesting…the cover does show him lifting a man over his shoulder. Thanks for the tip! I know it’s a crazy hobby…one that I don’t indulge in too often due to wear and tear on the back! xoxo


  2. Sherry, it looks like you took the exact same route that I did, the funicular up, hike through the park and walk back down to town. Although I didn’t see any woodland dwellers.


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