Summer Fun

Bouncing on the water, holding on tight, our friend had tons of fun tubing behind our boat this past weekend!  Everyone looks forward to summer because there’s so much to do…Bicycling, concerts in the park, picnics, having a frosty cold drink on the deck, and of course fun in the water!  You know it’s summer when you smell freshly cut grass, blooming flowers, and the aroma of grilled food.

I enjoyed honing my photography skills snapping pics from a boat skimming the water at high speeds jostling my camera and I…


I had the perfect hat for my friend Shari to borrow for our afternoon boating fun.  She’s joining my girlfriends and I on for our annual girls’ weekend in August at Put-n-Bay on Lake Erie!  I just know we’ll have an unbelievably good time!!


Our day began with shooting practice at home…


Followed by bicycle riding at Loveland Bike Trail and lunch at an outdoor cafe along the bike trail.  We definitely had a full day with our afternoon boating, and having a drink on our deck later that evening!  Who doesn’t love Summer!!

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