Travel Diary: Washington, D.C. – Day 2 continued

George Washington’s former plantation, Mount Vernon, offers a variety of interesting and historical sites for all ages!  After touring the Mansion and gardens, my husband and I stopped at one of the outbuildings on the grounds where a woman portrays Martha Washington and stays in character, answering questions from the crowd.  She was very entertaining and knowledgeable!


At one point in time, there were 316 slaves living at Mount Vernon.  They were freed after George Washington’s death, which he directed in his Last Will and Testament.


Another outbuilding was used for blacksmithing…


George Washington designed a 16-sided barn used for grain processing and storage.  He used a somewhat common technique to separate grain from stalk by having his horses walk in circles treading the grain, but also conceived of the innovation of leaving spaces between the floorboards so that the heads of grain, once separated from the straw, would fall through to a granary below.



This building next to the barn was used as lodging for a few of the slaves.


We walked down the Wharf along the Potomac for our boat ride back to Alexandria, Virginia.  Some of the homes along the river were quite beautiful!


During the 90 minute ride, the boat made a stop at National Harbor in Maryland to let some people disembark.  Their ferris wheel looks like fun!


Passing under this architecturally pleasing bridge, I took quite a few photos…


And quickly turned to capture this colorful sailboat gliding by…


Mount Vernon is a lovely day trip from Washington, D.C.

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