Travel Diary: Washington, D.C. – Day 2

Bike and Roll has a fun and educational bicycling adventure that begins in Alexandria, Virginia, where you pick up a bike and cycle 9 miles along a scenic path beside the Potomac River, to the historic and beautiful Mount Vernon, George Washington’s former plantation.


Before touring the Mansion and grounds, we had lunch at the Mount Vernon Inn.


I recommend the Shrimp and Grits and the Root Beer is pretty darn good!


The Mansion at Mount Vernon, built in 1735 by George Washington’s grandfather, originally a small farmhouse, developed into a 21-room Mansion when our first President took ownership and began having additions built on.


The view of the Potomac River from the back porch is gorgeous…


Taking photographs within the main Mansion is prohibited, but are allowed in the outdoor Kitchen.Β  It’s quite a feeling walking through the rooms that George Washington and his family lived in.Β  To touch the same grand staircase banister rail that his hands held.



These out buildings are beside the Mansion.


One of my favorite areas of Mount Vernon was the Gardens…


Perfectly trimmed bushes were formed in elaborate designs…


and of course, vividly colored flowers grew throughout the Garden…


Tomorrow, I’ll take you to some of Mount Vernon’s other fascinating structures!

9 thoughts on “Travel Diary: Washington, D.C. – Day 2

  1. Thanks, Sherry, for that highly interesting post. It especially appeals to me as a bicyclist. I’ve saved it to my computer for further reference if I ever [there are so many places on my bucket list] get to see the region. Btw, I would forego the grits and the root beer, though. πŸ˜‰
    Have a great week,


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