Road Trip to Florida

I’ll be heading to the Fort Myers area of Florida this weekend to spend the month of December and I’m so excited!  You may remember when I visited two years ago during my six-week Couchsurfing road trip through the Carolinas, Georgia, and Florida.  I’ll have my Nikon D5100 with me this time, so I hope to capture some amazing sights!  Here are some photos from 2012.  Most of these are from the Rosemary and Seacrest Beach areas on the Gulf…


This resembles a spine…


The pastels are so pretty…


Love the architecture…


and symmetry…


Next time I post a sunset, it will be from sunny Florida!


If I remember correctly, this was taken at Clearwater Beach…


I’ve never spent Christmas and New Years in Florida and am looking forward to some of their special festivities, including a parade of beautifully lit boats in the water.  It’s in the 20’s here in Cincinnati, but soon I’ll be wiggling my toes in the sand!


23 thoughts on “Road Trip to Florida

  1. Gorgeous photos….enjoy this beautiful state, it has so much to offer. By the way, when I was little those house along the beach were not there and the shore was deep in sea shells ( mostly for sale at the nearby gift shop now) and anyone and everyone could access the beach with no hindrance. Still, isn’t she lovely? Thank you.


  2. Thanks for sharing your photos from 2012 Sherry — every one of them is beautiful! My favorite is the last one – the long pier at sunset. Looking forward to seeing you new photos. Have fun……..


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