Another Day at the Beach

Yesterday, my friends and I headed to Ft. Myers Beach for some fun in the sun.  We went farther South this time and picked a spot that was less populated.  This pelican was diving for fish…


The ladies taking a nice long walk on the beach…


More birds…


I love the colors in Florida!


A man and his wiener dogs…




We had dinner at a friend’s house and the husband made us a Peppermint martini.  The glass was rimmed with crushed peppermints!

12 thoughts on “Another Day at the Beach

  1. I can hardly believe there are people on the beach in their bathing suits! Here if we went to the beach now, we’d have to wear a good waterproof coat and a warm sweater under it. Beautiful photos. Makes me wish I were there.


  2. Love the photos!! Sounds like a great trip, and you have captured it so wonderfully. I laughed about the title “a man and his weiner…. dogs, and you have brave friends letting you take “behind” shots! Lucky they have great behinds! 🙂 The Martini sounds heavenly – was looking for a shot! CHEERS!


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