Going Solo in Istanbul

Each day after taking my group to the included sites on our itinerary, we would split up into groups.  Being a photographer, I usually prefer sight-seeing on my own.  That way, I’m not worried about holding people up or having to wait while someone goes shopping (ugh).  Most afternoons I would head off on my own and on this particular day, I was trying to find better angles of the Blue Mosque and also somewhere to have a nice lunch.  There was a man by himself, seated outside of a hotel/restaurant in a somewhat solitary part of town.  I asked him if the food was good at the restaurant and he highly recommended it.  Oh my, he didn’t tell me what a magnificent view there would be!


I ordered Sea Bass (I think), which was very good and had a nice glass of white wine while taking in my beautiful surroundings!


What’s funny is I thought this was the Blue Mosque that I had such a wonderful view of, but actually it was Hagia Sophia!


The next afternoon, I went with one of the guys in my group to the Spice Market and enjoyed window shopping.


More bold and pungent spices!



Two different looks for this area.  One black and white and horizontal…


The other color and taken vertically…


Back to the first day when I found the nice restaurant with the great view.  These photos were taken while finding my way back to the hotel and being lost on purpose.



I stumbled into the most beautiful park, Gulhane Park and felt so alive walking through it and watching families play together!



Thanks for coming along! xoxo

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