Solo trip to Hawaii

Near the end of last year I planned a month long trip to Oahu, Hawaii for January/February of this year. I wasn’t dating any one and my girlfriends either didn’t have the time, the money, or wanted to travel with their significant other, and I knew I’d want to escape part of the cold winter here in Cincinnati, Ohio (actually I live in Northern Kentucky/5 minutes from Cincinnati), so I found a studio with a kitchen, queen bed, and a balcony just 5 minutes walk from Waikiki Beach thru

Because I’m a planner and am very organized, I found the closest grocery store ahead of time and placed an order to be delivered to my little apartment upon arrival. After settling in, I headed to the beach for the sunset.

I had been to Oahu once before with my late husband and my son (who has also passed) back in 2002 when my son was 15 years old. I forgot how beautiful it is!

It had been a long travel day…time for bed!

13 thoughts on “Solo trip to Hawaii

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  2. Hawaii is still on our bucket list. I hope that soon we will not be reluctant to fly any more.
    I’m glad you enjoyed Hawaii. Thanks for the wonderful pictures.
    All the best,

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      • 3 months in Europe?! WOW! I’m looking forward to seeing the pictures. Hopefully, we’ll make it to Europe next year, to see Ireland on one and Germany on another trip. For Ireland we still have British irways vouchers from our cancelled flights in 2019. We have to use those by September next year.


  3. Speaking of northern Kentucky I saw ‘Elvis’ last weekend it wasn’t in the sound track but my favorite song of his was “Kentucky Rain “. Any how don’t want to take your time I’m glad you got to visit Hawaii

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