What not to pack for an extended trip in Europe

I moved my luggage to 21 accommodations…too much/too heavy

Here’s a list of what I packed for my 11 week, 5 country European trip:


Baggallinni Travel Purse/London Fog 27” checked bag/Vancropak 22” backpack carry-on

Packing List – I had to pack for weather ranging from the 30’s to the 80’s:

Pants: 1 jeans/1 gray leggings/2 black leggings/1 capri black leggings/ Eddie Bauer lightweight water-resistant pants/black stretchy flare leg pants that I used as PJ bottoms but also as dressy pants

Tops: 5 long sleeve SPF tops/1 short sleeve top/4 sleeveless tops

Misc. clothing: 2 long underwear tops and 1 bottom / bathing suit / PJ top /4 scarves /10 undies / 2 bras / 4 socks / gloves / lightweight winter hat / raincoat / packable short down jacket / fleece jacket

Shoes: La Sportiva Hiking Boots / 2 pairs of walking sandals / walking shoes (wore on airplane)/ flat Vivaia shoes (for a dressier look) / flip-flops

Misc.: Packable clothesline / detergent sheets / lightweight backpack (folds up to nothing) / 2 sun visors / 2 Covid tests and masks / Tupperware container containing cold medicines, Oximeter (in case I got Covid), thermometer / Gallon and quart size plastic bags / Bag for grocery shopping (folds into 3×3 square) / 2 hangers for laundry – 1 padded/1 for hanging pants (came in very handy) / hair straightener / 2 disposable emergency rain ponchos / umbrella / lanyard for phone so I could wear it around my neck (loved this)

Toiletries: I purchased a BoaCay toiletry bag for the trip and decided to bring everything I needed instead of having to purchase things in other countries

Tech: Mac laptop and charger / Nikon D1500 camera with 2 lenses with charger / external phone charger / Adaptor / earbuds for audible books / phone charger / Fitbit charger

Wore on Airplane: Gray leggings/sleeveless top/fleece jacket/walking shoes

What I wouldn’t have packed:

My camera and the laptop (I would’ve had a backup phone instead), the hair straightener, one pair of the sandals, the long underwear, one short sleeve top, 2 of the 4 scarves, gloves, winter hat, and the jeans.  I also would’ve taken small amounts of toiletry items since this made my bag much heavier and took up too much space.

p.s.  If you’ve just began reading…I planned an 11 week, 5 European country, 21 accommodations solo trip from April – June of 2022.  Photos were taken with my LG Velvet Android phone.

16 thoughts on “What not to pack for an extended trip in Europe

  1. Hi Sherry, As someone who was born and raised in Cincy, lived in Germany 3 years, (military brat) and now lives in Colorado I followed your trip to Europe in 2022 and saved all your posts as I was planning such a trip but had to cancel. I am now in the process of putting it back together reviewing your posts. I will only be gone 8 weeks but for some reason I can’t find the post you did on the places you stayed. I have been traveling to Europe since 2000 mostly alone but when working for business. I have a lot of favorite accommodations but wanted to look at yours again. I will be traveling to Scotland, Germany, & Switzerland. Coney was always a favorite summer spot for family, church days etc. Moonlight gardens was always a place for after prom parties. Still head home as much as I can, the gang always gets together with friends from kindergarten through high school, not many of us have left Cincy. Thanks for your help. Connie Kehrer😀

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    • Hi Connie, here are the places in Germany and Switzerland:Freiburg 5 nights (day trip to Donaueschingen, Titisee, Schluchsee), Wurzburg 1 night, Rothenburg ob der Tauber 1 night, Dinkelsbuhl 1 night, Nordlingen 1 night, Augsburg 1 night, Fussen 2 nights
      Switzerland: Lucerne 2 nights, Varenna (Lake Como) 3 nights, St. Moritz 2 nights, Zermatt 2 nights, Lauterbrunnen 4 nights, Zurich Airport hotel 1 night. I hope that helps…sounds like a great trip!


  2. Since I have been used to travelling by car – and for a long time alone – I’ve never learned to pack lightly: just open the boot and throw in everything you can think of. 🤣 And later, when travelling with Mary, it was just the two of us in trucks or (small) SUVs: also no need to really economize on your luggage. It’s only when flying I need to restrict myself some.

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