Pure Michigan Road Trip – Day 5 – Marquette

My first morning in Marquette, I cycled 8 miles on the multi-use path along Lake Superior.

I cycled in to town and saw some interesting sites.

My Airbnb was right across the street from Blackrocks Brewery.

I went from there to the airport in Marquette to pick up my girlfriend Sherry who was spending three nights with me at the Airbnb and then our next stop was Mackinaw City for a couple of nights. After she settled in, we walked less than 10 minutes to The Iron Bay Restaurant for dinner. We shared the Whitefish tacos and we each had a bowl of the Whitefish chowder…yum! The flight of beer was also delish!

We walked down to the shoreline and then back to our Airbnb, it was a full day!

3 thoughts on “Pure Michigan Road Trip – Day 5 – Marquette

  1. Marquette! Yes, the multi-use path on a bike is a great way to enjoy the shoreline, and I do recognize the break wall & lighthouse located on Presque Isle. I’m also generally familiar with the area of your Airbnb, as I attended Graveraet school (many moons ago) one block over. Looks like the weather was nice for you and your friend. Thanks for sharing, Sherry 🌞


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