Mexico City Off the Beaten Path on Bicycle

This morning I left my Airbnb at 8:30 a.m. and walked a mile for an Airbnb experience called Mexico City off the beaten path on bicycle. There were 7 of us including the guide. After a short introduction we cycled 2 minutes for some cappuccino and pastry.

After cycling a bit. We stopped and had a fried taco and a soft taco with lamb 😋

More cycling followed by a cup of fresh fruit with the best chili powder/sauce. You wouldn’t think it would go together, but it was delicious.

Mario, our guide, was the sweetest!

We stopped by a large unusual library followed with more cycling and sampling six flavors of some type of drink that has probiotics.

A little salsa in the park, more cycling, and we finished with the best taco I’ve ever had, pork with cactus, beans and other ingredients. Our drink was quite unusual and also delicious, a cup rimmed with caramel/sesame seeds, with a little lime juice in it and Corona beer poured into the cup.

I highly recommend this Airbnb experience and Mario! Going to take a nap now 😊

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