Art in Unexpected Places

Beale Street in Memphis is a pedestrian only street with bars, restaurants and shops that runs about two blocks.  Monday evening, Cindy and I stopped to talk to this street artist.  We were asking his opinion on the best places to eat and he tried to persuade us to have our “reality” caricature done by him in about ten minutes.  I explained that I’m not into buying more “things” for my house because I prefer to collect experiences rather than things.

Anyway, it was fun to watch him in action.  He is quite talented…


Most photographers love the time of day before sunset or sunrise because the lighting is so pretty.  This was a courtyard along Beale Street…


When I first took this photo of a small section of a fountain, I wasn’t sure how it would turn out because of the dim lighting, but I loved the outcome.  I am always fascinated with the concept that art is all around us…if we open our eyes!


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First Look at Central Park

Central Park holds a certain mystique for those who have never taken a stroll along one of its many lovely paths.  New York City was never on my list of “must visit” destinations, but I have to confess that I was pleasantly surprised.  I felt the same way about Rome.  Before visiting, I envisioned it to be somewhat dirty and more touristy than it was.  Anyway, back to Central Park…after exploring the Rockefeller Center area on my second day in New York City, I had enough time and energy left before heading back to my Couchsurfing host’s home to walk 9 blocks uptown to see for myself what Central Park was like.

What’s not to love about views like this…


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