Ohio Bucket List

Miles of pristine forested hiking, outdoor cafes, resplendent architecture, astonishing views, thrilling adventures, intoxicating gardens! Does this sound like your kind of get-away? Ohio has all of this and more!  Here are a few of my favorite places…

The Fling Barn (Hillsboro, Ohio)

Situated on a 200-acre farm, an hour East of Cincinnati, The Fling Barn is a well-kept secret (well…not anymore) where you’re guaranteed to have a good time! Stuffed to the gills with Americana décor, featuring two bars, a dance floor, outdoor deck, and live rock n blues…it don’t get much better than that! In case you have too much fun, they have their very own Bed & Breakfast for your convenience, if it’s available.

~view from The Fling Barn (Images: Sherry Lachelle Photography)




Located on Lake Erie, just over 4 hours North of Cincinnati, Put-in-Bay is Ohio’s split personality playground with a wild side to dive into…pretty people in skimpy bathing suits guzzling tropical adult beverages, but hop on a golf cart and within minutes you’re transported to a lake-side paradise of glistening blue water, rolling hills, and tranquility!

(Images: Sherry Lachelle Photography)


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The Fling Barn in Hillsboro, Ohio

You’re probably wondering why someone would name their music venue/bar…The Fling Barn.  If your last name is “Fling”…it makes sense.  The owner Bill Fling was there and is very friendly.  My husband…who I’ll nickname “The Lumberjack”…because he is constantly cutting down trees and splitting fire wood…and I went there last night.  Located an hour from Northern Cincinnati, we decided to see Serpent Mound while we were in the area.  I’ll save that for my next post.

The Fling Barn has 10 acres set aside for camping, with port-o-lets and it’s free!  They also have a cabin for rent.

Anyway, here’s a photo of a barn along the way…

The Fling Barn is situated on a 200 acre working horse farm.  In addition to providing live music in a unique setting, they host weddings and other events.  We stopped by for some photos during daylight hours, on our way to Serpent Mound, and returned later around 7pm.  Here’s a side view…

I love this weather vane!

Here is a different perspective…

This barn is in view of The Fling Barn and I loved the linear look of the corn and the colors…

Here are some of the horses…

There was a stand outside selling BBQ…so I had a pulled pork sandwich with mac-n-cheese and baked beans.  The barn itself is two levels with a full bar.  This is the upstairs where the band and dance floor are.

The barn is filled with antiques and Americana items…

The Mark Mays Blues Band was the entertainment for the evening and they were great!  We danced quite a bit!  Bill Fling has a dog that dances with you on the dance floor.  It was fun to watch!  Two other couples met us there.  The music started at 8pm and every table was filled by 8:15pm.

This photo is during their sound check…

If you haven’t listened to live music lately…get out and just do it!!