My Life Lately

I thought I’d give you a more personal look at my life lately!  I joined a new group a few weeks ago that focuses on cooking.  Seeing that I’ve made over 160 new recipes from Pinterest this past year, it’s quite appropriate.  I volunteered to host the first gathering, which was held at our house Saturday evening.  The theme was Mexican and there were 12 of us.  Because I was the hostess…I didn’t need to cook.  Everyone else brought the food.  It was still quite a bit of work to make sure the house was clean, to assist the night of, and to clean again afterwards; but I enjoyed the company and the food was delish!

I joined another Meetup group for creative people and attended the first meetup the other night.  There were about 9 of us…so we went around the room and shared a little about ourselves and I’m signed up for the next event, an art exhibit for one of the members!


I’ve been taking more action in 2013 towards my goals.  I used Vistaprint and had a calendar made using my photos…


My hairdresser, who is beautiful and has a doggie wants a photo shoot of the two of them.  So…we’re going to barter…photo shoot for hair coloring!

I decided to take a different approach to finding employment.  After narrowing down my passions–photography/travel/art/people/health and wellness–I decided to approach a couple of area artists who own studios and teach, to see if they needed help.  I’ll be partnering with one of them to increase her event business…utilizing my event planning background and social media.  The other artist would like me to help her with social media–because she’s quite busy and can’t seem to find time to update Facebook, etc.

One of them has Photoshop and is going to let me download it…so I’m excited about learning it!

This will give me a flexible schedule and allow me to continue to travel!  I’m at the beginning stages of planning another solo road trip out West this summer.  A friend would like to meet me in Denver, where we would explore the City and do some hiking in the mountains.

I still want to take people on trips around the world…and utilize the certification I received in 2011.  So, I’m going to be quite busy this year!

It feels good to have some direction!

37 thoughts on “My Life Lately

  1. You are so proactive — and I want you to know that I took a 5-mile hike with my husband last Saturday — inspired directly by YOU! (my knee is getting better fast!) I think you have so much energy, passion and joy that you’re wise to share it in a few different directions, and still travel! (You will love Denver — I lived there for 22 years and there is NO end to the hiking possibilities!) Good to hear you are
    so full of good ideas, and I’m blown away by how fearless you are about meeting new people. I’ve been dying to try Meetup — and I had
    no idea they did cooking stuff, too. That’s SO cool! Keep mentoring us, Sherry!!


    • Wow…that’s great Betty! I can’t believe you went so far after your recent knee surgery! I’ve never looked at myself as a mentor…I had hoped that I was inspiring people to lead a healthy lifestyle and overcome some of their fears. But if you say so…it must be true! Thanks Betty!!


  2. It sounds like you have a great and flexible plan you can work with. It is truly a wonderful life when we can work at something we love. I hope all your energy and enthusiasm is a little contagious for your blog mates.


  3. A wonderful photo of you and your mate. You have some busy months ahead of you again. A nice post. I thought that you already was working with photoshop – I have had for a weekly trail … some software – but fare to expensive … for me.


  4. That was an inspirational read, because just yesterday I was taliking about what to do when I retire(if I ever do) or semi retire. But i’d like it to contain a little earning as well?? Enjoy your travels!


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