Molly took me to Gantry State Park

Meet Molly!  She’s a fellow travel blogger and had recently moved back to New York City after returning from a year of traveling the world with her husband.  You can read more about her here!

She’s one of the nicest people I’ve ever met.  Very generous, sweet, intelligent and pretty (inside and out)!

We originally connected online when she gave me some advice for my 35 day overland truck adventure through six countries in Africa based on her own experiences.  My first day in New York, I took the train from the Times Square area over to Long Island City (In Queens across from Manhattan) so that we could meet, and she took me to Gantry State Park and her apartment, which is located nearby.


Although it was an overcast day, the view of New York City’s skyline was gorgeous!


Love this wavy wooden seating!




These chairs are so creative!  I love their look with the City in the background!!


Afterwards, we headed to a coffee shop and Molly treated me to coffee and we split a piece of yummy carrot cake!


From there I took the train to the New York Public Library and Bryant Square…so come back tomorrow to see what I saw!

25 thoughts on “Molly took me to Gantry State Park

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  2. How really exciting connecting back to someone who helped you on your Africa adventures! I am envious, but also proud of how you have been able to live your dream of going around the world and sharing it with others. The NYC pictures are great and the Gantry State Park benches and wavy seating unique.


  3. My daughter goes to school at St. John’s University in Queens — I’ll have to tell her to check out this great Park!
    (can’t wait to see your blog tomorrow on the NY Public Library & Bryant Park — two BIG favorites!!)


  4. Sherry,
    As I requested in my original e-mail I would appreciate knowing your opinion on the value of the ITMI course which you attended in San Francisco. I am acquainted with Mariam, one of the instructors, and have been doing some research on the tour industry and the training required to beccome a tour director. Any information you care to provide would be greatly appreciated. I have not made a decision to attend the course but seriously considering so. It seems a little price driven for what is offered.

    Thanks for you input,

    Rick Dacus


    • Hi Rick – I didn’t receive an e-mail. I haven’t pursued being a Tour Director yet. I believe the certification does help. Many of my fellow classmates have gotten jobs in the industry. The two week course was very informative. The only negative experience I had was when I was to attend the yearly symposium and missed my flight (which is very ironic because that’s never happened to me, but of course it would happen on my way to mass interviews for taking people on trips), I asked to have reduction in the amount that I had paid, but they wouldn’t refund any of it. I hope this has helped you.

      As with anything in life, I believe you get out of it what you put into it! Good luck!!


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