Playin’ the Blues in Memphis

If you ever visit Memphis, you should stop in B.B. Kings Restaurant and Blues Club for some great Blues music!  The other evening I had so much fun dancing to the music of the B.B. King Allstars band.  Of course, I took some photos in between…



They had so much rhythm and soul…you couldn’t help but move!


Back outside, the street mood was festive and happy…


An ex NFL player…Reggie Jones stopped to tell us about his new book…Stilettos on Gridiron.  He said it’s basically comparing relationships to football…hmm.


We passed by an outdoor fan and I told Cindy we should get some shots with it blowing our hair…


These adorable guys struck a pose for me…


I don’t remember the name of this restaurant we passed through…but I like the decor…


Memphis and Blues music just go together!

8 thoughts on “Playin’ the Blues in Memphis

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  5. Great collection and fun! I saw Buddy Guy two nights ago, fun too! He introduced a fantastic 14 yr old Quinn Sullivan and he played quite a bit. He is going to be a major star I think


  6. I would like to hear the band, to feel the mood of the pub. You look fabulous as always, great pose there! I didn’t know you served in the military, thank for your service!! 🙂


  7. Never been to Memphis but this is how I had image it to be … loads of fantastic music … cool place and great fun-loving people. And it seems like you two; hot chicks … have found it all. Great photos.


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