Camera Color Fun

While in Memphis, Tennessee recently, I enjoyed playing with the Selective Color function on my new Nikon D5100 camera.  I had only used the function once before and didn’t have the manual with me while my friend Cindy and I were walking around.  After 15 minutes of determined concentration, I figured it out.

These beautiful pink flowers in combination with our colorful dresses were the inspiration…


Cindy and I both liked this photo of my hair swinging…


The function basically makes everything black and white except for the colors you select (up to three).  I included orange, so that Cindy’s dress would be highlighted.


The following day it came in handy again when we stopped to have a bite to eat on Beale Street.  Our waitress had bright red lipstick on and I excitedly asked if I could take her photo with my new camera setting.


I rarely wear red lipstick, but was glad I had some with me for this shot.  Now I know what I would look like with gray hair.  It stripped the blonde from it…


It left some of the blonde in Cindy’s hair…


There’s one other effect I’m anxious to try…the Night Vision.  I haven’t read what it does specifically, other than perhaps light things up at night.  Should be fun to try it!

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