New Photography Business and Website

Just wanted to let you know I’ve started a new business and website for photography!  Yeah!  The website is here.  Also, don’t forget I have a facebook page for this blog (look at the bottom of this page).  I’ll follow yours if you follow mine!  I feel like a kid saying that…!

29 thoughts on “New Photography Business and Website

  1. That’s fantastic! It’s encouraging to see you continue to put your work out there. I’m slowly working on that myself; I recently decided to make a goal to create a Facebook page once I reach a certain number of blog followers.
    I enjoy looking at your pictures and reading about your adventures. I finally got the Fabulous 50s reference when I read about radio and music in the 1960s recently (if that’s the allusion you’re making). Either way, the reference in the article reminded me of your blog.


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