Finding Art at Put-in-Bay

My quest to find art everywhere I go with my camera, was fulfilled at Put-in-Bay!  This tiki torch lighting a restaurant walkway provided a cool contrast to the dusky sky.


This beautiful girl with an edgy look allowed me to take her photograph.  I gave her one of my cards and sent the photos to her.  She thanked me for making her feel special!


Her hair really is purple.


My friend’s feet with her pretty shoes and ankle bracelet gave this fish chair some extra bling!


Stained glass wine bottles with a lace curtain backdrop caught my eye.


When you’re looking for beauty, you can find it everywhere!

14 thoughts on “Finding Art at Put-in-Bay

  1. I enjoyed the woman with the purple hair, reminds me of my oldest daughter coming home one holiday with magenta streaks in her hair, from CCAD. The stained glass wine bottles were really cool, what an original idea!


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