Nightlife at Put-in-Bay

Feeling like Cinderella with less than an hour or two left, our day at Put-in-Bay was going to end at 9:30pm (our Jet Express ferry return time) so we knew we had to squeeze out every bit of fun we could in the time remaining.  Walking down the street, the sound of a musician belting out a foot tapping tune from an outdoor lakeside venue, led us to take a rest and listen for a while.


The colorful umbrellas and people up ahead were incentive enough for me!


While my friends relaxed, I did my thing…take photographs.


Looking for more excitement, we happened upon this fun band and did a little dancing.


Although it’s often difficult to take a good photograph with dim lighting and the lack of a tripod, it didn’t stop me from trying.


Draped in twinkling white lights, the Boathouse Grill, a popular Put-in-Bay hang-out, was packing the people in.


We made it to our ferry on time!  Another fun girls’ weekend with lots of memories!

12 thoughts on “Nightlife at Put-in-Bay

  1. Your photos made it extraordinary, Sherry! I have been to Put in Bay plenty of times, but have never seen such colorful head gear, as in that one photo. I particularly loved the photo of your girlfriends, can relate to the ‘kicking back’ feeling!


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