Long Day

Saturday was a long day, a great day, a fun-filled day!  It started with dropping one of my girlfriends off at the airport, followed by a trip to Fort Myers Beach with my remaining friend.  We took a walk on the pier and saw men fishing, pelicans resting…


Had to get a close-up…


I think he was thinking, “Look at all of the pretty colors”!


A different perspective…


and of course, the beach with yummy white sand…


tattooed men..


Graceful sailboats drifting past…


We changed clothes in the changing room at the beach, drove across the bridge to a place called Doc Fords Rum Bar & Grill to watch the annual boat parade and have a bite to eat.  I was going to tote my tripod in, but we thought it may be too crowded.  I wish I had taken it because there was space on the dock to set up…oh well, I’ll probably go to Cape Coral’s boat parade later this month.


Before it got too dark, I was able to capture a decent shot.


Then we decided to walk across the bridge (about a mile) in search of dancing music and were successful at a place called, Lani Kai Beachfront Resort.  I think I made the band nervous taking photos…



We caught a taxi back and were tucked in bed by 11:30!  Oh, the places we’ll go, the things we’ll do, the people we’ll meet!



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