Fun Weekend with Dee

My friend Dee came to visit me in Florida and I’d like to share some of the fun we had.  Friday started off with a trip to Cape Coral Yacht Club for a “fun in the sun” drink and a bite to eat while watching the sunset!  Unfortunately, the weather dropped about 10 degrees shortly before she arrived (68 degrees/48 degrees), so she had her Alpaca sweater and fingerless gloves on for the first evening.


We headed to Fletchers, a local club, for some live music and dancing.


On Saturday, we packed up for a full day of fun at Fort Myers Beach, where there were lots of interesting sights to see, such as bicycling…


Bird watching…


Cute children building sand castles…


Dee wanted to take a photo of me in front of the flag and tractor for my husband, because he’s a country boy at heart…


You’ll see tattooed people.  Interestingly, this lady was on Dee’s flight from Cincinnati and a friend of mine saw her photo on Facebook and told me she lives 15 minutes from my home…


Searching for treasure…


More birds diving for fish…


and having dinner…


More birds…


teenagers skimboarding…


Cute doggies…


and attractive eligible women…like my friend Dee!


We brought a change of clothes and dined at the Fresh Catch Bistro with a view of the sunset for dinner, followed by bike night in Cape Coral that is held on the second Saturday of each month.  I didn’t take my camera, so no pics!

Sunday we took a 30 minute bike ride through an abandoned golf course and relaxed by the pool.  Oh…and a dip in the hot tub.  Another trip to the airport this morning to drop off Dee.  More fun to follow!

10 thoughts on “Fun Weekend with Dee

  1. I LOVE all your photos….especially the “Birds diving for Fish” photo….AMAZING SHOT! Are you spending Christmas and NYE in Florida? Merry Christmas Sherry!


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