Philadelphia and New York City…Here I Come!

I can’t believe I’m leaving in 10 days for Philadelphia (2 days/3 nights) and New York City (almost 4 days/4 nights) on a jet plane!!  Frontier Airlines had a special for $32 round trip flying out of Columbus, Ohio.  I’ll have to drive from Cincinnati, but from my house it’s only about an hour and 40 minutes.  Parking at the airport is only $4 a day!  I’ve been around the world…but never to these two Cities.  I’ll be Couchsurfing with a lady in each City and they’re really cool!  They’re both about 40 years old, beautiful, and fun!

I’m in the process of researching.  I’ll fly into Trenton, NJ which is about 40 minutes from Philly and a little over an hour from NYC by train.  I’ll have to pack in a lot in a short period of time (especially for NYC)…but I’m thinking for Philadelphia of doing a 3 mile self-guided walking tour called The Constitutional Walking Tour and it includes 33 sites such as The National Constitution Center – Liberty Bell Museum and 13 other non-constitutional sites.  I’d also like to make it to the Museum of Art – Longwood Gardens – Boathouse Row – Magic Gardens – South Street.

And for New York City–possibly the free Staten Island Ferry (if it’s not too cold) – from Battery Park you can take the free Downtown Connection bus to South Street Seaport – walk across Brooklyn Bridge – Ground Zero – Chinatown – Little Italy – Washington Square Park – Greenwich Village – Highline – Chelsea Market – Midtown to include — Times Square (a 1.5 mile walk along 42nd street to see architecture such as The Candler Bldg., W. R. Grace Bldg. – New York Public Library, Grand Central Station, and the Chrysler Building) – Rockefeller Center – Radio City Music Hall – Museum of Modern Art – St. Patrick’s Cathedral – Central Park – Brooklyn (possibly the Apollo Theater and Lennox Lounge in Harlem and/or some sites in Queens).

I’m not planning on going up to the top of the Empire State Building because I’ve read that it’s less crowded to go up the Rockefeller Bldg. and that way you have a view of the Empire State Bldg.  I won’t be able to go in the Statue of Liberty due to repairs.

I thought about renting a bicycle in NYC.

If anyone has any “must see or dos” please let me know.  Of course, the ladies I’m staying with are locals and will be able to give me lots of good information.

One of the ladies does pole dancing in a studio to keep in shape and wants me to join her…I’ll be so busy, you’ll have to wait until I return for a recap!

Oh…the people I’ll meet, the places I’ll go, and the things I’ll do!

40 thoughts on “Philadelphia and New York City…Here I Come!

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  3. Hi there,
    Sorry I missed this post. I’ve been the process of moving. I personally love the highline; It’s one of the beautiful additions to the landscape architecture here. We also just moved to Long Island City (just one stop on the 7 from Grand Central Station.) There’s a park along the water here with great views of the Manhattan Skyline. If you like, I can up with you and take you there.


    • Hi Molly –

      That would be great to meet you! I’m tweaking my itinerary. The couchsurfer I’m staying with is supposed to call me today so I’ll have a better idea of my schedule. Would any day work for you between Thursday 4/18 to Sun 4/21?


  4. OK found my notes on NYC…The truly memorable moments arose when I discovered the most wonderful hole in the wall place for vegetable dumplings. Tucked in Chinatown at 56 Mott Street is the New Wonton Garden. No ambience, aside from locals and New York’s Finest, yet their veggie dumplings are the best I have ever eaten! My friend and I ate until we almost popped for $8.25! We then rolled around the corner to The Original Chinatown Ice Cream Factory (65 Bayard) and had dessert…choosing from thirteen “regular” flavors ranging from Almond Cookie to Wasabi.


  5. Aren’t you the clever one! Look forward to your posts. The food in these cities…oh the food. In Chinatown (NYC) there is an amazing hole in the wall kitchen serving locals and NY’s finest and round the corner is the best ice cream you will ever eat! Now where are my notes???


  6. So exciting for you … what a trip .. and you have a full dance program all ready. I suggest you go high up in NYC in the dusk, because that is when the city has the best light … for photos. I never had problems at Empire … with queses – but when I been there .. the towers was there too.
    Excepting stunning photos … and maybe I will get some tips where to go .. been on all the tourist “traps” so I will visit Dag Hammarskjolds Plaza and take my time with Central Park. Hopefully you will land in Sweden one day too. *smile


  7. If you can, please don’t call it Ground Zero. It’s the World Trade Center site to us. I live, work, and went to school in Lower Manhattan so we are very particular about the name. I hope you have a wonderful time when you come here. Philly is one of my favorite cities as well. YOU MUST GO TO READING TERMINAL MARKET when you go to Philly. You should do Top of the Rock over the Empire State Building. If you have time in Philly, you should do a tour of their city hall and the Masonic Temple. Both of these sites aren’t main tourist attractions, but they are fantastic. The Masonic Temple is incredible. Feel free to ask me questions. NYC is my home and Philly is like my second home.


  8. I loved both those cities in junior high and high school but have only been through NY since then! How fortunate and exciting to be able to look forward to your view of them, through the lens of your camera and your really insightful comments!


    • You know how you try to imagine what people will be like if you met them…I love how you word your sentences. You have a calming and proper personality. Plus, you’re a good person! Hope your weekend is great!


  9. The big advantage of the Rockefeller Center over the Empire State also is that the Rockefeller Center doesn’t have a wire fence like the Empire State building, but glasses, so it’s much easier to see the view and take pictures!
    Have a great trip 🙂


  10. One more tip about the MOMA, its free on Friday evenings from 4-8PM and at other times you will save a few dollars if you buy a combo ticket with Top of the Rock (2 blocks away). The Statue of Liberty is closed but can be admired from the Staten Island Ferry. Have a great time!


  11. Hi Sherry, You will have so much fun in NYC! Your itinerary sounds good but I would like to make a couple of suggestions. Because of your limited time in NYC….I would concentrate your time in Manhattan. Skip Brooklyn, Queens, & the Bronx…..I lived in Brooklyn for 1 yr and worked in Queens…believe me…you will not be missing anything!!! * I would definitely walk over the Brooklyn Bridge though! *The only place you will be able to ride your rented bike will be in Central Park…the rest of the city you will need to take cabs or walk. It is too crowded to drive a bike around the city. *Have a drink at the Boathouse on the LAKE in Central Park and make sure you check out the motorized little sail boats on the other LAKE in Central Park….great photo opportunities. *Marco & I spend a lot of time in Chelsea Market (great spot for Foodies). *I love the MOMA and the Guggenheim Museum! *FAO Schwarz & the Trump Towers are very crowded but a MUST SEE. *Lastly go into The Plaza Hotel….it is beautiful! Explore the hotel….there is a whole city of shops hidden in there. Have Fun, Be Safe, & Blend in with the NYC crowd which means wear Black & don’t be too obvious with your camera. XOXO (If you need restaurant recommendations…let me know.)


  12. I can’t wait for your posts! It’s been years since I’ve been to NYC, so I’m sure my fav restaurant no longer exists. The paintings are very cool of the early American politicians in PA! Enjoy 🙂


  13. Good for you. It sounds exciting. I will be in New York on April 27th for a day only. Taking my granddaughter to see the Lion King. We will also go to the top of the Rock to view the city and to have lunch. Our show is at 2:00 pm. After the show we will do a little shopping and visit Times Square. We leave New York around 11:00 pm. We will be going back with the whole family for a few days in August. I know you will enjoy the city that never sleeps.



  14. Sounds like a great trip. We did the Rockefeller center “top of the rock” tour and it was really nice. If the weather is too cold, don’t forget about all the great museums.


  15. that’s awesome! Never been tp Philadelphia, but will be moving to Manhattan, NY in September-November, after my 4 month Euro-Asian trip )

    Enjoy the City!!

    You’re gonna fall in love… you’ve been warned ; )



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